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Picture of a London Bay Home

Private Label Living

If your aspirations are leading you to a luxury home in Southwest Florida, you have landed in the right place. Browse our site and discover a wide variety of locations and homes, priced from under $1 million to more than $10 million. We hope you find the floor plans inviting and the architecture reflective of the creative ability of our company. As a luxury home builder, we have honed our skills creating not only magnificent custom homes, but also intimate Village communities that are unique to their markets. Every element of our operation has been designed to make your experience enjoyable and stress-free, and we stand behind that promise. Visit our expansive photo gallery that illustrates a sampling of our work and if you like what you see, click on our Move-In Ready Homes tab for some special opportunities to own a London Bay Home.

Custom Homes

A custom home should be luxurious and inspiring. It should capture the personality of its owners and provide a comfortable and relaxing retreat. It should also warmly embrace family and friends as they gather to live and to laugh. A custom home should be all of these things and more. And to create this kind of compelling environment, a builder must understand that a home is much more than just concrete, steel and lumber. A custom home builder must understand how to skillfully interpret the aspirations of its clients and create a custom home that is charming and distinctive in every measure. London Bay understands these things. Our clients bring us their dreams and we partner with them to achieve something very special. Let us show you how we translate imagination into an artistry of design and a place you will call home.

A Seamless Process

London Bay has been helping its clients design and build their custom homes for twenty years. During that time, we have come to recognize how important the overall experience is to ensuring our clients satisfaction. As a London Bay custom home client, you will enjoy an experience thatís unique to the home building industry. We can make this claim because we have taken the time to design our business operations with the client foremost in our planning. Here, you will discover a refreshing and collaborative environment between our in-house architects (or your personal designer) and other members of our internal team. Building a custom home requires the creativity and expertise of a large group of professionals. And we have learned that organizing this group as a team greatly facilitates the success of the process. At London Bay, this team is guided by one of the firmís principals. And as you move through the various stages of design, the transition between architects, interior and landscape designers, the purchasing team, and ultimately our construction staff becomes virtually seamless. The strong relationships and familiarity of the team members, working in unison, culminates in a custom home experience that delivers not only a magnificent home, but also an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Thatís a promise you can count on.

London Bay Homes
London Bay Homes